If you can look at it on a screen, Penumbra Productions can put it there.

They have been behind the lens for almost two decades. They have shot everything from the mountains of Colorado where the owner grew up, to the tailored landscapes of Los Angeles. They have done weddings, engagements, babyshowers, maternity, birthday parties, night life, fashion, glamour, runway, cars, landscape, wildlife, pretty much everything.

The founder/owner, Wesley Weaver, never planned to start doing photography professionally. It all started when he started picking up shoots from other photographers. Quickly it was noticed that there was some talent to be groomed and he started shooting regularly honing his skills over the span of five years learning everything he could to take better pictures.

One of the pivotal notions the Penumbra Productions strives for is for a natural, lightly edited (if edited at all) approach to photography; which is not to say they are not experts in photo editing. They have fifteen years of experience with digital and analog photo editing. They are capable of “from the ground up” illustration and special effects as well as being proficient in industry standard techniques for a multitude of styles and situations.

Penumbra Productions recently started getting into video and have already started making waves. Their first big splash was with the kickstarter crowdfunding video for Frog God Games’ Razor Coast project. The video helped fund over $120,000. Some details can be found in the links in the portfolio section.

The success of the crowdfunding helped launch Penumbra Productions into being behind the local TV show Port Orchard Living that after only four episodes got the creator her own permenant place on Bremerton/Kitsap Local Access T.V.


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