Setup WAMP on Windows Server

First check your local server roles and look for IIS. If it’s installed, go to remove roles and remove it. It hijacks ports 80 and 8080.

Go to your advanced firewall setting and open UDP/TCP ports 80 and 8080 for incoming and outgoing. If you’re not sure how to do that click HERE.


Go HERE and get the latest version of WAMP (if you’re reading this WAY in the future it might be hosted somewhere else and you can just “Google WAMP server download” to find it)

Launch the install file

Follow through security prompts and such and choose an install folder (default is usually best)

Follow more prompts and select the executable for your default browser

Enter info for your email (you can just change it later so don’t worry if you don’t have it on hand)

Select shortcuts if you want them

Finish install and launch WAMP

Check your try area for the WAMP icon and check to see if it’s green
– if it’s not, try restarting services
– if that doesn’t work try uninstalling, restarting, and reinstalling

If everything is green, LEFT click and click Put to Online

Open a browser and you should see this.



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